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Computing Curriculum Impact

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The impact of the computing work at St Joseph’s can be seen through the children themselves.

Our children are confident in using a wide range of programmes across different hardware and can discuss what they are doing with their peers and adults.

Our children are aware of how to stay safe online and what to do if they face any issues.

There is clear progression in skills across the school, which is evidenced by the complexity and difficulty of work produced each year, and can be seen for example, on Code.org through each class’s progression chart.

We monitor the impact of our curriculum using the following methods:

  • Summative assessment of learning in Coding and DL each year (with data analysed and issues highlighted)
  • Children’s work saved on the school network including screen shots, allowing us to assess progress over time
  • Interviewing staff and pupils about their learning and adjusting the curriculum in response
  • Review of Computing by SLT through Subject Leader Plans