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At St Joseph’s we endeavour to impart the technical knowledge and skills the children will need to excel in a constantly changing and developing technological world. Our curriculum focuses on computer programming, which aims to help children understand and appreciate the different applications computing has, via a skills based approach, using the Internationally heralded Code.org, software such as Scratch and Kodu and devices such as BeeBots. By blending this learning across tablets, Chromebooks and desktop computers, we allow children to have access in a variety of ways, allowing a wider development of skills.

Computing is taught in a range of ways both cross-curricular and as a discrete subject. At St Joseph’s we have adapted a scheme, which is closely matched to National Programmes of Study, based on practitioner and pupil feedback to best suit the needs of our learners. This has allowed us to give a wide range of opportunities to learn and apply the children’s understanding through technology, software and skills. Although coding is at the heart of our curriculum, children also develop skills in a range of office based software, learn how to use the internet safely,  and create their own multimedia content, such as videos and podcasts, this allows them to develop their creativity, as well as key digital and computer literacy skills.


Here is an example of a coding programme one of our children made using 'Scratch' click here to have a go


Scratch game


And here is an animated dance video made in Year 5


Code Animation


And here you can find a Radioshow made by our children




Digital safety is taught in a discrete manner, but also blended in to everything we do in computing, and is something which we value highly. In Computing, children are given regular guidance about how to stay safe online as part of each unit in our curriculum. We ensure each year that children are reintroduced to, and reminded of, the Childnet SMART programme which guides them through safe digital usage and makes them aware of what to look out for, how to act, and who to contact if they face any issues. Furthermore, during PSHE sessions and assemblies – led by digital safety specialists and staff members, all of our children are taught how to keep their information safe and use technology safely and responsibly. In our current climate, e-safety is even more important than ever, and something we are focused on as a school.


This is an example of an E-Safety poster made at St Joseph's



and here is an E-Safety Video made by our children: 


This year, we want to continue improve the quality of teaching and learning across our Computing Curriculum so that all children develop confidence, skills and discernment when using digital technologies. We also want share with children and parents the importance of online safety when using any form of technology.


"I love computing, especially Code.org. It can be tricky, but if you look at the hints they can help you programme all sorts of games and fix the bugs." - Year 4 Child


"Computing is lots of fun, this year we have been making Podcasts on the Chromebooks in  class, I have even had a go at home." - Year 5 Child


These images show our children using different hardware to advance their learning through computing.


Computing Suite using Kodu 3D Games Maker Ipads in Classroom Chromebooks in Classroom


Here is an overview of our curriculum:


KS1 and EYFS









Information on E-Safety and how to keep your children safe online can be found at:


Think U Know


Safer Internet


Internet Matters

Parents Protect



Key Curriculum Documents can be found below:


Computing Intent Implementation Impact

Primary National Curriculum Computing

Esafety Policy