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St Joseph's Camberwell Catholic Schools' Federation

Physical Education

At St Joseph’s we strive to create active, fit, successful children, who leave the school with a life long love of PE and sport. We aim to create positive memories of PE for all the children in the school, offering a wide range of different sporting opportunities, ensuring all children represent the school within the Borough, and we celebrate their successes.

Our aim is to ensure that all children are active for 60 minutes per day. We achieve this through a blend of PE lessons, active playtimes, after school clubs and whole school initiatives (such as The Daily Mile).


PE Lessons at St Joseph’s

Children receive two hours of timetabled PE per week, where we provide a varied curriculum to ensure that we cover the requirements put forward by the DFE.

Lessons are delivered by a combination of class teachers and specialist sports coaches. Our teachers are supported in their CPD by LPESSN Southwark, who regularly provide team teaching, modelled lessons, and a wide range of CPD opportunities. The aim is to ensure that all teaching staff are confident in delivering high quality lessons. Our curriculum map (below) covers striking and fielding, invasion game, net based sports, athletics, gymnastics, dance, swimming and opportunities for practical problem solving and team games, to ensure broad coverage.


Curicullum PE


At St Joseph’s, in KS2, we start the day with a Daily Mile of running (or walking). This 15 minutes in the morning, allows the year group who are running that day to start the day in the right frame of mind, engaging their bodies ready to learn. It provides the opportunity to ‘wake up’ and ‘run off’ some of the issues the children may come to school with.  Last year, due to The Daily Mile, all children in the school completed a Mini-Marathon and received medals to celebrate their successes. Staff and children have found this to be an incredibly positive addition to PE at St Joseph’s and we are looking at opportunities to broaden its delivery further. The wide range of benefits from The Daily Mile can be found here.


Daily Mile


Active Play Times

Play times are an opportunity to be active at St Joseph’s and we have used pupil voice through our school councils to ensure that we have a well resourced play time, with the opportunity to use equipment which the children have requested. We have staggered our play times to ensure that children have as much space as they can to run around and play, and have provided equipment, such as a table tennis table on our roof playground, to negative the impact of our limited space and ensure active play is available to all. All playground supervisors have received CPD from LPESSN in the delivery of playground games, and groups of children have received ‘Sports Leader’ training to help lead in the delivery of games.



St Joseph’s work very closely with LPESSN in Southwark and take advantage of the wide range of opportunities they offer to children in our school. Each class takes part in regular festivals and sporting activities, both on site and out of school. These specialist workshops, which vary from multi-sports to NFL and orienteering, allow the children to experience new sports and develop a wide range of skills. LPESSN offer both competitive and non-competitive festivals where children compete amongst themselves or with other schools, as well as extra opportunities for our SEND pupils. We pride ourselves on our successes at St Joseph, and the greatest of which is the fact that each year every child has an opportunity to represent St Joseph’s at one of these festivals. 

Surrey CCC are one of a number of companies who have been working with us recently and provide free, specialist workshops to children in our school. This enables us to draw on high quality teaching from a club who are embedded in the local community, and furthermore, allows the children to attend events at The Oval itself.

We are regular attendees at the Burgess Park BMX track, where children are provided with opportunities to learn to ride a BMX bike and then take part in events on their specialist course. We also invite Bikeability into our school to ensure our children ride safely around the area. These free opportunities in the heart of our community extends the range of sports accessible to our children

Our children swim at Camberwell Leisure Centre, and it is a key aim of ours at St Joseph’s to ensure that children can swim 25M by the time they leave the school and have the opportunity to take part in lifesaver training. Our children currently swim in Years 4,5 and 6, and we have seen improvement each year in the number of children who leave our school achieving our expectations. We have recently implemented a ‘top up’ programme at the end of year 6 for those who cannot yet swim confidently, to give them a greater opportunity to achieve this. Our children take part in Swimming Galas, so that we can celebrate the successes of those who excel in this area.




Healthy Schools Gold Award


St Joseph’s hold a London Healthy Schools Gold Award. We received this award after conducting research into the health and well being of children in our school, and implementing actions to improve our provision based on the results.

Our key programme, which we presented to schools within London, is our ‘Shake Up Club’ where we take our least active children once  a week for 30 minutes and they take part in high intensity, fun, exercise with a specialist teacher. We combine this with information about nutrition and how to keep themselves healthy. The children love this programme, and it has a positive impact on the children as learners, as well as improving their fitness.

We ensure that we are a healthy school and that the children receive regular nutritional workshops and are aware of the importance of exercise and good physical health.

We are currently working as a Champion School in Southwark, where we are leading on how PE and physical activity can be used in the Borough to improve the mental health and well being of all children in Southwark.

St josephs cath silver


After School Clubs


We offer a range of after school clubs at St Joseph’s, which are led by pupil voice. Over the past few years we have provided after school clubs in: football, multi-sports, gymnastics, taekwondo, dance, basketball, rugby and athletics. We continue to vary our provision based on pupil voice.



St Joseph’s are a highly successful school in regards to competition within Southwark. We enter teams in a wide range of sport and have high levels of achievement. We aim for every pupil in the school to represent St Joseph’s each year in competitive sport.

We aim to take advantage of the wide range of opportunities offered by LPESSN and the London Youth Games, and represent Southwark each year in a multitude of sports after winning at a Borough level.

Over the past few years we have represented Southwark at Quad Kids, Sports Hall, cross country, football, hockey and golf. We pride ourselves in our successes, and see ourselves as the top sporting school in Southwark when it comes to competition.

Within the Borough we take part in an after school football league, where last year both our boys and girls teams won the competition (the boys for the second year in a row, having lost only one game in the previous 3 years)

Our athletics teams are a shining light and regularly win competitions within Southwark across a wide range of disciplines. We encourage the children to continue this pathway, and know that there is a huge pool of talent here to be developed. We are proud to see our children go on the win national acclaim after leaving our school, even reaching the Olympics.

We enter and compete in wider competitions and have recently won Kids Cup football competitions run by both Dulwich Hamlet and Millwall FC. These were wonderful opportunities where our children got to compete on professional pitches.

Each year we take part in BMX competitions at the London Olympic Park in Stratford, where our children have won a range of medals within the capital.




Below is a list of our recent achievements.



Sports Day

Sports Day at St Joseph’s provides all children with the opportunity to take part in all sports and events. We offer a fun day with traditional sports day activities and novelty events. This gives a far wider range of children the chance to succeed, and provides everyone with the opportunity to compete on a level playing field.

The day involves a carousel of activities for all years in the morning and then a contained ‘finals’ in the afternoon where parents can come and watch their children take part.






It is a firm belief at St Joseph’s that there is ‘something for everyone’ and we strive to offer children the opportunities to experience as many different sports as possible whilst they are here. Over the last few years our children have taken part in: athletics, badminton, basketball, BMX, boccia, bowling, boxing, circus skills, cricket, cross country, cycling, dance, football, golf, gymnastics, handball, hockey, ice skating,  netball, NFL, parkour, rounders, rugby, sailing, swimming, table tennis, taekwondo,  tennis, volleyball and yoga







School Sports Premium Spend

Intent Implementation Impact Statement

PE National Curriculum

infants evidencing the impact of the primary pe and sport premium template july 2021 final.pdf


juniors evidencing the impact of the primary pe and sport premium template july 2021 final.pdf