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St Joseph's Camberwell Catholic Schools' Federation

School Clubs

St. Joseph's offers a selection of after-school clubs running from 3.00pm until 4pm (4:30pm in the case of cooking club).

Your child may apply for as many clubs as you like - but we try and ensure every child gets at least one club. You will be notified if your child has been successful. Most clubs have a small cost attached and are paid for in advance via parent pay.


This term, we are delighted to be offering the following clubs


Drama club




Takes place on: Tuesday

Year Group(s): Year 1 and Year 2

Cost: Paid

Athletics club




Takes place on: Tuesday

Year Group(s): Year Three, Year Four, Year Five and Year Six



Girls Football club


 Girls Football

Takes place on: Wednesday

Year Group(s): 




Boys Football club







Lego Challenge club






Gospel Choir






Table Tennis club







Art and Craft Club



Children will

Takes place on:

Year Group(s): Year Four

Cost: Paid





 Infant Gymnastics

Year Groups: Year 1 and Year 2

Cost: Paid