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St Joseph's Camberwell Catholic Schools' Federation

School Uniform

Our St. Joseph's uniform is an important part of school life which helps children to settle into school and feel a sense of belonging.

We are very proud of our school uniform and we expect all parents to ensure that their children are dressed correctly for school every day.

St Joseph's School Uniform

The school aims to foster and deepen the children’s faith through a genuine partnership between the home, school and parish. Only through this can we hope to:

  • Help children develop a sense of self-worth and promote a spirit of respect for others.
  • Strive to maintain the highest possible standards of behaviour and help all children to achieve their full potential

It is our school policy that all children wear school uniform when attending school, representing the school, or when participating in a school-organised event outside normal school hours.

Aims and objectives

Our policy on uniform is based on the notion that school uniform:

  • Promotes a sense of pride in the school;
  • Engenders a sense of community and belonging towards the school;
  • Is practical and smart;
  • Identifies the children with the school;
  • Prevents children from coming to school in fashion clothes that could be distracting in class;
  • Makes children feel equal to their peers in terms of appearance;
  • Is regarded as suitable wear for school and good value for money by most parents;
  • Is designed with health and safety in mind.

St Joseph's Catholic Infants' School Uniform (Reception to Year 2)

Dark grey tailored trousers
Dark grey shorts (summer term)
Dark grey socks
Dark grey pinafore dress of skirt
Royal Blue and white stripe
Summer dress (summer term)
Plain white or dark grey socks or tights
Navy blue V-neck or round neck jumper
Light Blue short sleeved polo shirt with school logo School cap with logo   



St Joseph's Catholic Junior School Uniform (Year 3 to Year 6)


Shoes should be plain and black (without lights) and for health and safety reasons should have flat low heels. Trainers, boots and other leisure footwear, including sling back sandals are not allowed.

During snow conditions children may wear boots to and from school but will be expected to change to uniform school shoes during classes. 

PE Clothing

  • Black plimsolls
  • Plain white T-shirt
  • Navy drawstring shorts
  • Plain navy tracksuit bottoms for outdoors (No logos)
  • Sports trainers for outdoor PE only.   

During the winter months, children may wear plain navy, tracksuit bottoms for PE (No logos).
Pupils in Year 2 and KS2 may wear trainers for PE and outdoor activities – but these should be plain.
PE kit should be in school every day and kept in a drawstring PE bag which MUST be purchased from the school uniform shop with the school logo on it. Storage space is limited in cloakrooms.
PE kit should be worn for Extended School Activities involving sport or dance unless a special outfit is required and agreed with the school.


It is compulsory to have the correct bag in accordance with the uniform policy as specified below, all of which can be purchased from the school uniform shop.

Where to buy uniform

Most of our uniform items are readily available from supermarkets, with just a few St. Joseph's-branded items needed to be purchased directly from the school online shop as shown in the table below.

The table below details each uniform item showing which items must be bought directly from the school online shop, and which can be purchased from a supermarket or on the High Street.

Please note that children are expected to have St. Joseph's-branded school bag to bring their things to school. In addition, Junior children are required to have a St Joseph's-branded PE bag to bring their PE kit to school.


Quality Second Hand uniform is available for sale by the PTFA after school.


Wet and cold weather clothing

Outdoor play and learning are a really important part of our school life. If it's cold or rainy we expect children to come to school in appropriate clothing for the weather. If children walk to school in wellies or trainers, we expect them to have proper school shoes to change into once they arrive.

We also ask that parents ensure that their child has a warm, waterproof coat.


Warm and sunny weather clothing

Parts of our playground and outdoor areas are quite exposed to the sun. In warm sunny weather we ask that parents apply sun cream to their children before they come to school as this is not something staff are permitted to do. We also advise that they have a hat and a water bottle. We don't allow children to wear flip-flops or open-toed shoes of any kind. In particular this is to avoid accidents while playing outside.

Mobile phones and valuable items

Mobile phones/ smart watches and any other personal devices are not allowed on school premises. Our Year 6 'permission to walk home alone form' (available from the school office) includes a section for parents/carers to identify whether their child will have a phone with them. We expect these to be handed into the school office every day on arrival, and they can be picked up again at the end of the day.

Any child found with a mobile phone or other device on school premises will have it confiscated and their parent/carer will be called to come and get it from us at the end of the day. If we have reason to believe that the device may have been used to take unauthorised photographs/videos of other pupils or staff during the school day we reserve the right to remove those photographs from the device before returning it to the pupil.

We cannot accept any responsibility for money or other valuables and we strongly advise that children do not bring any of these items into school.